New Adventure – The Beast of ShadowGate

Hello again!TBoS Title.jpg

No post yesterday as I was beginning work on my newest adventure; The Beast of ShadowGate!

This adventure is a one shot that should only take one session to complete and is built fro 1st tier (1st-4th) level characters!

It has strong horror themes, packed with zombies, skeletons and horrifying creatures, but with some comic relief mid-way through.

Something I really enjoyed when writing this adventure was the creation of the ‘beast’; a tomb spider. I found tomb spiders in the 4th edition Monster Manual 2. These older monster manuals are packed full of monsters with far less lore and artwork. I actually think that returning to the 4e style of monster manual might not be a bad thing though! Whilst the new books look amazing, and the stat blocks for monsters are way clearer, the sheer amount of content in each 4e monster manual seems to be around four times as much as the 5e monster manual! The old manuals also give examples of Tactics, Encounter Groups and Lore for each creature, which is insane!

Hopefully with the imminent release of Volo’s Guide to Monsters we’ll see some more variations on the already publish 5e monsters (I’ve already preordered my copy!)

Either way, I found converting the old tomb spider into a 5e monster an interesting challenge. A lot has changed in terms of stat block since 4e. Challenge Ratings are different, HP is different, AC is different, pretty much everything! Whilst this is somewhat troublesome, instead of getting bogged down in the mechanical aspects I looked to the lore and made decisions based on what the attacks were rather than what damage they did. Tomb spiders are awesome critters as they use zombies as part of their reproductive cycle, which made them a perfect spooky boss monster for this adventure!

Hopefully I did a good job with the conversion and the writing of the adventure in general. If you have anything to discuss you can comment on this post, or find me here;
Twitter – @jvcparry
DMsGuild – JVC Parry

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