Campaign Diary – Northern Tharn

After a loooong summer break, we’re finally playing again this evening!

For anyone that doesn’t know the story so far, here’s a brief summary;

The adventurers started their journey in the town of Haffield. This rural town is a frontier , often assailed by orcs, goblins, ogres and the like. The story began with Haffield on the verge of siege. The townsfolk had just fought off an initial wave of goblins, but more were on the way. The party volunteered to help by carrying out a few tasks before the next wave arrived.
They managed to delay the onset of the attack by blowing up a bridge as well as recovering some stolen arrows from a goblin unit, allowing the towns archers to better defend the city. Unfortunately, this meant they had to leave some captives in the hands of the orcs.

During the second wave of the siege, the town nearly fell to the orc and goblin invaders. The party fought valiantly, several of them fell unconscious, but they all made it and managed to fend off the assailants. The town had taken a fell blow, with many deaths, but it did not fall. After the fight, the party found a portion of a map tattooed onto the flesh of a lead goblin.

Following the map through the Craggtop Mountains, the party located a goblinoid encampment, on the verge of Bleak Sands. Inside they found a notorious goblin leader known as Cracktooth. They fought a hard fight, but eventually had to surrender after Vincent, the party paladin, took a flask of acid to the face, burning out his eye. They noticed on their retreat that the walls of the central hall were filled with a strange black powder. Once a safe distance away the shot a flaming arrow into the hall, causing a terrifyingly large explosion. Once the smoke cleared, they saw a hoard of goblins and orcs atop giant rats and worgs fleeing north.

Following this, they spent some time recovering in Haffield. After a tenday or so, they were asked by the town clerk to investigate a shrine in the Northern Craggtops. The history of Northern Tharn is steeped in demonology, and rumours were spreading that cultists had a new foothold in the mountains. To their dismay, the party found this to be true, discovering a temple dedicated to Azazel, the Blood Duke. They managed to slay the demons within the desecrated chapel, as well as the cult leader, but failed to save the captives within.

Following this, the party explored some of their own personal arcs, before locating an orc fortress in an old quarry, east of Haffield. After discussing with the town clerk and baroness, they elected to tackle the orcs head on, storming the camp. Within they found Durge Skinripper, a legendary orc chieftain famed for his bloodlust. During the long fight, on of the party members was slaughtered by an orog. Morale was low, but the party fought on, eventually killing Durge and Cracktooth, who was hidden with his goblin entourage in the fort.

After such a bitter victory, the party returned again to Haffield. They were applauded as heroes on their arrival, but the loss they suffered shook them somewhat. They also discovered a link between the orcs and EastTower, the ruins of the ancient city Haldria. Some say that this place is host to a dark power, whose influence is beginning to spread. The party found scrawled orcish noted detailing the capture and movement of captives to EastTower, as well as obscure references to ‘The Beast’.

Needing some time off from adventure, the adventurers headed to the capital city; Finburgh, for the Queen’s Jubilee. On their way however, they were ambushed by a group of cultists, who gave their life to summon a powerful demon. This act of terrorism did not go unnoticed, and despite slaying the foul creature, the¬†party began to feel as if they were being followed…

That’s basically where we are at the moment. It seems the break the adventurers want may not be so easy to come by. At some point I’ll do a run down of the current characters in the party too!

I hope you enjoyed the read, this one was just helpful for me to write and gather my thoughts before tonight!

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5 thoughts on “Campaign Diary – Northern Tharn

  1. I’m very interested to hear how this progresses, very cool! I like how a lot of the adventure, so far, seems to be very localized, and now appears to be growing in size. Also, really nice map! That’s some gorgeous artwork.


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