Campaign Diary – The Jubilee

Welcome back adventurers!
(That’s kind of how the evening started)

Quickly everyone recapped their characters and did a little introduction, explaining who they were playing and what that character was like. Then we were off.

The Queen’s Jubilee, 17 years on the throne of a dynasty only 24 years long. A matriarchal monarchy currently ruled by Queen Corolyn Paget. Her Jubilee is not only a celebration of her time as ruler, but also of the signing of the Red Treaty.
If you’ve read the previous Campaign Diary you will have got some idea about the history of the world. One major and relatively recent event was the eruption of ‘The Demon Spine’ from the Craggtop Mountains. From this gateway to the Abyss demons poured forth, enslaving, devouring and massacring the population of the continent. After 500 years of oppression, the Common Folk (everyone but elves) rose up against their demonic overlords and, at great cost, managed to overthrow them. They then signed the Red Treaty, which declared unity and peace throughout the Common Folk.

So that was the setting. The characters had a couple of options for the morning;
-Buy a ceramic demon (which comes into play later)
-Go and watch the ‘Demon Wrestling’ or ‘The Red Treaty’, a play
The Common Folk in the party were aware of the symbolism of the pottery demons so bought one, and then each character made a choice whether to watch the masked wrestling or the play. I gave a quick summary of what happened at each.

For the afternoon, characters could pick one of the following;
-Treaty Renewal (resigning of the treaty by nobles)
-Feasting and Tales of Chaos (free food and stories of history and lore)
-Banishing the Demons (hanging and punishing criminals)
Again, the party split up to do what their characters would enjoy, those of more noble background headed to the Renewal etc.

The Evening!
The main ceremony begins with something known as The Break. This involves everyone lining up on the long road between Market Square and the Royal Palace. Everyone then counts down, before chucking their ceramic demon onto the floor, in an attempt to smash it. If you fail to break your demon that’s a bad omen for the year to come.
Then the Procession. The Queen, her Archmagus, the Mayor and the Commander of the Queen’s private army all march down this central road in steel sabatons, crushing the porcelain beneath their feet. They match to the Royal Palace where they ascend a plinth and begin a round of speeches.

During the Archmagus’ (Bizaroid the Optic) speech, there is a disturbance in the crowd. Someone, dressed in the style of a southerner (Khamuri), appears to be pushing their way to the front of the crowd.
Suddenly a guard hits the deck. Seemingly pushed with surprising strength by the Khamuri man.
Then another guard drops. He’s clearly dead. People begin to pull back, other guards make their way forward. The Archmagus (deaf as he is) ploughs on.
The Khamuri man break through the guard and storms the stage. People turn to flee. As he reaches the Bizaroid the Optic, his illusory disguise melts away, revealing a well known villain, Galien the GreyCaster (the previous Archmagus).
Galien snatches the Archmage’s Amulet from Bizaroid’s neck, then plunges what appears to be a burn branch into the stone plinth. This splits down the middle and opaque, grey flame erupts from it. This begins to transform into a fiery gateway to the ShadowFell.
At this point the party have made their way to the front, and engage the undead horde that begins to pour out of the portal.

After an intense fight, where they players summoned Demons to their aid (an offence punishable by death (Jeff you crackpot!)) they managed to get to the main plinth. The GreyCaster (as he is now known) casts numerous spells to disable the party, before dropping Bizaroid and disappearing in a plume of black smoke.

The party, worn down from the fight, stumble over to assist Bizaroid.

The curtain closes.

Thanks for reading all!
If you’re interested in the campaign watch this space, I’ll keep uploading little titbits here and there as well as my other stuff.
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