Campaign Diary – The Aftermath

If you’ve not read the previous instalment of the campaign diary, I would thoroughly recommend doing so!

The session started in the aftermath of the Jubilee. The slain bodies of undead, as well unlucky guards and commoners, litter the main drag from Market Square to the Royal Palace. The party are in the process of helping up Bizaroid the Archmagus, who was knocked unconscious in a battle with Galien GreyCaster.
The party manage to bring Bizaroid back to consciousness, before escorting him to the Royal Palace. They, in turn, were escorted to a private wing of the magnificent building and told to rest here until morning, when the Queen would meet them.

During this time, Juan the Silent First reveals that he has an orb on his possession, stolen from the orc encampment of Durge SkinRipper, which he has determined allows the user to see into the ShadowFell from the users current location, or to cast the spell scrying on a target in the Realm of Shadows. However, after attempting to use it, he has driven temporarily insane, unleashing a fist in Tullie Sprocketcog’s direction. After he came around from his bout of madness, he revealed his vision to the party; a necropolis, filled with ghouls and undead, mirroring the city of Finburgh. Not only this, but he caught a glimpse of The GreyCaster, atop a skeletal warhorse, galloping west over a sea of skulls.

In the morning, the group met the Queen, who rewarded them for their service to the crown. The reward consisted of 1,000gp each and an ‘automaton’ named Mark 7. This automaton unfurls from a small iron ball and proclaims;
‘Mark 7, at your service.’
After an extended conversation with Bizaroid and the Queen, the party agree to keep the events of the Jubilee hush-hush, whilst waiting for the Archmage to do some research into the reasoning behind GreyCaster’s actions. Why did he not kill the archmage whilst he had the upper hand? Why did he not target the Queen? What are his affiliations with the ShadowFell? Why steal the Amulet of the Archmage?

Whilst Bizaroid poured through ancient tomes in his tower, the characters went about town, stocking up on various items, mostly magical, including;
Magic Weapons
Magic Wands
Magic Pets
Magic Bottles
Magic Rings
Magic Potion Recipes.

Returning to the Archmagus in the evening, Bizaroid revealed his was looking into an ancient event, known as The Reaping, brought about by an evil sorceress who became known as Skruul The Reaper. Her moves appear to be mirroring those of GreyCaster, so perhaps there is something to be learned from history. Bizaroid told the party that he would continue his research in the coming days, and attempt to find the final resting place of Skruul for them to investigate.
For some reason, at this most prestigious of meetings with the most powerful wizard in the Common Kingdom, Jeff decided to ask whether the Archmagus had any books on demonology. Demonology is punishable by death. Specifically you will be hung, drawn and quartered. Bizaroid gave Jeff a very shifty look, then asked him to leave.

During the night, Jeff is arrested by the Scarlett Ladies (the Queen’s private army and bodyguards). They also find the book of demon summoning that he failed to hide underneath his bed.

The next morning, the party are informed of the night’s events, and they go to visit Jeff in jail. There is a large amount of confusion, as the Scarlett Ladies keep referring to Jeff as ‘two gnomes’ whereas the party know, of course, that he is in fact just one man, with odd features and small limbs. After much uncertainty and failed bargaining attempts, Jeff is condemned to be hung, drawn and quartered the next day. Both of him.

An ingenious plan from Tullie and Arannis attempted to foil the hanging. They placed illusions upon (what appeared to the to be) Jeff’s mute twin that made him appear to cast a demonic spell at the gallows. They hoped that Jeff would be switched for his innocent twin. During the uproar, Jeff was put into the noose. Eventually, both Jeff and his twin were killed.
As Jeff’s body hung, and illusion departed from it, revealing a swinging child. More uproar. Party make a break for it. Jeff’s twin is dead. Queen denies everything.

Jeff sits on a tree stump, smoking a pipe in a nearby village. Saved by his patron.

The party, having had quite enough of the affairs of city folk agree to check out a demonic shrine, encountered by the Geomancer’s in their attempts to create a new Geo Pass in the South at the Queen’s behest. Jeff, directed on his patron, plots a course to meet them there.

Fade to black.

Now, a lot of this may not make much sense to my readers, but I will, at some point, clarify with a character bio of Jeff, the gnome(?) warlock.193809

In the meantime, you can get ahead of the party, by checking out the lair of Skruul the Reaper! I have pre-published this particular adventure on the DMsGuild under the title Shattered Souls! Please give it a look and tell me what you think!


In other news, Seeds of Chaos is now a Copper Best Seller!

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