Campaign Diary – Whitepeak

After heading back to Finburgh, the party relay the information regarding the summoning
of Fraz-Urb’Luu to the Queen. She is not best pleased, but feared, given recent events, that 78b964d22d213a54f053deb821ee2f57something dark was on the horizon. She asks the adventurers to follow her into the Theocracy of the Pale, a city state housed in the heart of the Capital. This gigantic white marble cathedral is occupied by the devout followers of Pholtus and his associated deities. Here they are introduced to High Theocrat Euphemia Goldengage. She is an elderly halfling woman, who bears a vicious magical burn across her jawline. She alerts the party of The Pale’s plans to summon an Angel, to help defend the capital. They also, after suggestions from the party, agree to dispatch The Lords of the Gloaming, the church’s Paladins, to Haffield and Morton on Hald, the towns of Haldshire.

After meeting with Ephemia, the party report back to Archmage Bizaroid the Optic. He asks them to give him a few more days to finish his research. However, he suggests that they may be heading to Whitepeak before long.
The party then spend 5 days in Finburgh, preparing for the journey ahead.
After this, Bizaroid calls them to his study once more. He reveals that there is a dungeon located on Whitepeak known as Bodach Ridge. In this dark domain, Skruul the Reaper, an ancient sorceress, attempted to become a Lich. She did this by amassing local villagers and slaughtering them in a sanguine ritual. Unfortunately for her, this ritual was cut short by a legendary trio of adventurers. Bizaroid thinks that Skruul’s actions mimic those of GreyCaster, which is worrying indeed. He believes that knowledge could be gathered from that place to assist in GreyCaster’s downfall. The Archmage also introduces Torvald, a cleric sent from The Pale to assist them. He is a seasoned sailor, and has been equipped with a magical folding boat by Bizaroid.

After nearly a tenday of rowing and sailing along the northern coast, the adventurers come to the fabled Whitepeak, a stray mountain in the middle of a wide river, capped with ice and shrouded in mist.
The party’s travel takes them up the mountainside, to a strange, near empty inn. Here they discover that Whitepeak is haunted by the souls of The Reaping, and that recently several groups of queer folk have arrived on the mountain.
During the night, the inn is attacked by a poltergeist. This restless spirit it dispatched by the party.

Climbing the rest of the way to Bodach Ridge found the party right at the peak of the mountain, on a sharp precipice. As they enter the cave, Arannis is able to hear the voices of spirits ahead, guiding them to the quieter parts of the dungeon. Here they discover a sheltered natural cavern. As they enter a ghost appears and warns them away. He tells of the dark past of the caves, and their corrupting influence on the area. When asked, he introduces himself as Faldir Greenthorpe, a victim of The Reaping. Many spirits have managed to escape from Skruul’s phylactery, filling the place with lost souls, but recently a group of cultists have arrived, who have been capturing these souls in order to feed them back into Skruul’s phylactery, with the intent to restore her to full lichdom. He also reveals that whilst Skruul never truly became a Lich, her soul still haunts these caverns.15170930_10210008513783550_4576153604942281734_n

As the party press further in, they encounter a troll, wearing a hag eye on a leather thong around its neck. Not realising what the item is, the party willingly expose themselves, revealing their location. Juan casts fear upon the beast, cowering it, before a ruthless execution. However, whilst the troll attacks, the spirits of the dead are roused, and set upon the characters who stayed in the cave behind. One of these spectres drains the life from Vincent, leaving him a mere husk of his former self.

Later on, Tullie discovers the lair of the hags using her investigative skills. She locates a hidden trapdoor in a small cavern filled with fungus. Beneath this was a grotto, filled almost entirely by a tent. Tullie entered the tent, setting off a magic trap which covered her with acid, but managed to get inside. Within were a host of items, but she resisted the urge and instead placed a Clairvoyance spell within, allowing her to see the hags when they briefly returned.

As well as these foes, the characters stumble across a dwarven cultist and his pet demons. They dispatch him with relative ease.

They also discovered a library, filled with tomes of black magic and demonology. Many of these detail the pathway to lichdom, others provide lore on demons and the undead, including how to summon them. Arannis stuffed several of these into his backpack.

Finally, the party discovered a room taken up by a vandalised, pink granite statue. Someone has smashed a large goat’s skull over the figure and smeared it with blood. As Torvald enters the room, the statue turns toward him and utters a riddle;
The part of the drake,
That is not in the sky,
That swims in the ocean,
But always stays dry.
The party think they have solved the riddle, and utter the word shadow. From the statue, 3 animated shadows unfurl themselves and begin to attack, draining the strength of Juan and Carrick. Nothing in the room seems to change, but in the torchlight the characters notice that the statue itself does not appear to cast a shadow. Fearing it to be an illusion, Vincent knocks the statues head off with his maul, but to no avail.

Published by JVC Parry

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