Campaign Diary – Bizaroid & The Beast/Jattehaim

It’s been ages since I wrote a campaign diary, so here is an infodump of the important events!
Each member of the party receives a short message, written on a scroll carried by a white dove from Archmage Bizaroid the Optic, asking that they return immediately to his quarters in the Royal Palace in Finburgh. He has urgent news to share.
Once the party reassemble, and meet with Bizaroid, he informs the adventurers that there have been more disturbances in Haffield. Once again villagers are going missing, stolen by orcs or worse. Something must be done, and the party hold the key location on their goblin-skin map. Marked upon this is ‘Staz’, the location of ‘the beast’.
Bizaroid teleports the crew to his tower, The Orrery, just outside Haffield. From here the party march South, stopping briefly at Haffield, before continuing on to the marked location.
Once they arrive, the notice a makeshift campsite, constructed up against a gigantic stone head. Scattered around are smaller pieces of this incredible, ancient monument. As well as this, the party notice a deep pit, filled with captured villagers and pigs. As they approach,grula-magga the party notice a band of orcs, led by a fanatical shaman, later identified as an Eye of Gruumsh. They are in a heated argument with what must be a very large creature, hidden away in a ramshackle log hut. Drawing ever closer, the creature arises from it’s homestead, revealing it to be an ettin, a grotesque, two-headed, blue skinned stinking mass of flesh, which bickers constantly with itself. This foul creature is accompanied by mutated ogre-kin, which turn out to be it’s children. The father, a two-headed hill giant named Frungle, remains unseen for the time being. There are two incredibly strange features about the campsite. Firstly, pink toads, which pop at the slightest agitation, appear to be crawling ceaselessly from a small hollow nearby. Secondly, a huge, 40 foot wide beanstalk rises out from the ground and reaches up into the clouds.
After some quick thinking, Tullie creates an illusory arrow, headed from the mob of orcs to the ettin, inciting a brawl. Many of the orcs are quickly hewn down by the ogres and GogMagog, their hideous mother. The party then join the fray. Several of the heroes attempt to slay the Eye of Gruumsh, before he can make an escape, Juan tackles the emerging Frungle, by stealing his precious beans, and the rest of the party begin to dispatch the ogres and, eventually, GogMagog herself.
As the group are about to slay poor Frungle, a great, booming voice echoes down from the heavens, telling the party to stop slaying the helpless giant, and instead to ascend the beanstalk.
Intrigued, the adventurers begin their climb up into the stratosphere. After several minutes, the clouds begin to part, revealing a gigantic castle, hundreds of feet high, it’s uppermost tower surrounded by giant eagles, hippogriff and griffons.
The party are told to enter the epic fortress, and they do so cautiously. After walking for many minutes through grandiose hallways, scaled for giants, they enter the presence of Hrungnir, Thane of Jatteheim and King of the Giants.
This ancient cloud giant is covered with a thin layer of dust, as if he has been waiting in his enormous throne for centuries for the adventurers to arrive. He declares boldly that he already knows who the party are, but wishes to know what form they take. Slightly confused, the heroes introduce themselves. giantcloudHe chuckles, and explains that he believes the adventurers to be a mythical group of smallfolk, sent to the giants to help slay Rah-Ziel the Devourer, an ancient blue dragon, and nemesis to all giant kind.
After this he turns to Groot. He proclaims that he knows Groot’s father, a frost giant named Harshnag the Grim, and that he himself was responsible for the magic that brought about Groot’s, or Ulfr, as his father named him, conception.
The ancient cloud giant goes on to explain that he is one of very few of his kind left, perhaps the last. There are only a few other giants scattered throughout Northern Tharn, and that those who survived the horrific slaughter brought about by Rah-Ziel now reside on The Shard. King Hrungnir tries to broker a deal, claiming that if the adventurers can prove that they truly are this fabled group, the Avengers, who will bring Rah-Ziel to his death, as is written in the Sagas, then in return, the frost giants of The Shard will fight along side of the party at Eastower, when the time comes to challenge The GreyCaster. However, Hrungnir reveals that in order to prove themselves, they must slay The Great Wyrm.
In a flash, the party are transported into a frozen cave. The air is frigid and the ice underfoot polished clean in places to reveal the frozen bodies of failed adventures. Then, from atop a frozen cliff face, an electric blue, serpentine, weasel-faced beast with dozens of legs appears, and shoots a crackling beam of lightning from it’s mouth at the adventurers.
After an intense battle, during which several of the party are knocked out, and Juan is swallowed alive by the foul beast, the adventurers finally manage to slay The Great Wyrm, a creature known as a Behir. Their triumph proves to Hrungir that they are in fact the mythic souls of the Avengers, and they are transported back to Jatteheim, the great cloud giant castle. On their journey, it is revealed to them that they were fighting beneath The Silver Lake, a lake which had, until now, been frozen for centuries.
Once the arrive back in Jatteheim, Hrungnir bequeaths a flying mount to each of them, either a Giant Eagle, Hippogriff or Griffon. The party elect to rest here in the castle, before heading to Haffield to collect a reward for slaying GogMagog, and then onto The Shard, to meet Ulfr’s father, and hopefully recruit the other giants to their cause.
Before they hit the hay, Torvald pulls the party into a private conversation. He reveals to them that he was part of a ship’s crew that sailed to The Shard, but was enslaved for a time by the frost giants, specifically by a brute who referred to himself as Thane Njordim. It is clear that Torvald harbours no love for the giants, and is wary to return.
The next morn, the party head back to the ettin camp to gather proof of their achievements, and to loot some of Frungle’s magic beans. Whilst there are beans aplenty, the body of GogMagog has gone missing, and careful searching reveals it has been dragged west, toward Eastower. Somewhat taken aback, the party gather what the can and make their way to Haffield. Greeted once again as heroes, the adventurers are given a small parcel of land for their services to the town. As they carefully plan what to do with this new plot, Hebe plants one of Frungle’s Magic Beans in the ground, and mere minutes later, a sandstone pyramid erupts from the earth, bewildering everyone.
Seeing potential for this pyramid to become their base, the party fearlessly plunge through the stone doors and into the darkness of the pyramid.

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