Campaign Diary – Dragos-Rah

Plunging fearlessly into the great sandstone pyramid, the party are instantly beset by a myriad of traps and foul creatures. The structure is filled with spring loaded metal vices, poison darts, gas filled vents and falling cobras. Decaying mummies wrapped in reeking bandages burst from bejewelled coffins. Venomous tlincalli appear in whipping vortexes of sand. Mimics pose as treasure chests and try to gobble up greedy adventurers.
After a host of challenges which nearly fell many of the party, the adventurers have cleared out the upper layers of the pyramid, leaving only the crypts below. Fearing what lies beneath, the party take a rest and regain their strength. The various curses and poisons are purged from their systems, and they awake ready to tackle the owner of the pyramid.
Descending down into the crypts brings the party into dangerously close quarters with the undead. Coffins stand like soldiers guarding a central chamber which houses a magnificent sarcophagus, and shelves of canopic jars. Dust and sand begin to stir on the floor of the mausoleum. The lid of the sarcophagus slides off, seeming of its own volition. A dry, rasping drawl scrapes from the throat of some unknown creature.
‘I am Dragos-Rah, and who are you that dares to defile my tomb?’
Rising up from the sarcophagus is a half-dragon mummy lord. Rotting linen wraps scarcely cover the desiccated, cobalt blue scales that cover this vile creature. Scarabs crawl out from between the bandages and scuttle into the creatures nose and mouth.
The adventurers pay no heed to the undead dragonkin, and make moves to slaughter it. Seeing this, Dragos-Rah summons forth his undead servants from their rest, who proceed to attack the heroes. A bead of force thrown by Arannis down one wing of the crypt isolates a host of the summoned zombies, while Groot and Vince go toe to toe with Dragos-Rah. He flings curses and necrotic spells at the characters, but fails to notice the invisible Tullie sneaking behind him. Before long, Torvald, Juan and Hebe have all piled in on the fight against Dragos-Rah, and the powerful mummy lord eventually falls.
The party go on to loot the entirety of the pyramid, gather a true hoard of treasure. Notably, Tullie pinches a dragon head stoppered canopic jar, which contains the heart of Dragos-Rah. Torvald picks up Dragos-Rah’s staff, and stashes it away.
To celebrate their victory and the acquisition of such a marvellous base, the adventurers throw a gigantic party, inviting a whole host of their old friends from Haffield. Many more beans are planted, resulting in insulting statues, incredible fruit bearing trees, and regurgitation of micro-pyramids.
Before the party started, Juan was approached by the Zhentarim with a rather personal mission. Word had reached them that Hebe had a price on her head. She had escaped from a noble family, who desperately wanted her back, and were willing to pay 6,000 gold pieces for her safe return. Juan agreed to bring her to the Old Quarry in the Craggtop Mountains.
Returning to the party, Juan takes Hebe aside and explains that she is under threat. He reveals the Black Network’s knowledge of her origins, but swears that he no longer works for them, and will do his best to keep her safe.
All at the party is going well, until people begin to realise a rather odd occurrence. It appears that grains of sand are rolling up the outside of the pyramid, and wriggling through the gaps between stones in the vicinity of Tullie’s proposed bedchamber.
Fearing the worst, the party quickly evacuate their land and delve back into the pyramid. Their worst fears are realised when Dragos-Rah reappears before them in a cloud of locusts. Without his staff he is unable to cast such potent spells, and he is clearly defending the canopic jar which contains his heart at all costs. The battle is deadly but short. Dragos-Rah is defeated for real, and the party are left to recover from their near-death encounter.
After some time off, the adventurers decided it’s time to head for The Shard, following the advice of Hrungnir the Cloud Giant. The mount up, or activate their magic items, and head north, up the coast of the River Hald. On their way they deal with a band of harpies, whose song charms those who hear it. The highlight of the fight is Vinnie’s incredible vertical, aerial drop which allows him to plunge his javelin through a harpies spine. Eventually they make it to the vicinity of Geo Pass, where they rest overnight.
An agent of the SOS locates Tullie whilst the party are camping. They inform her that a powerful magical instrument, the Fochulan Bandore, is located in a nearby mansion. They ask her to retrieve it for them, in case it falls into the wrong hands. She enlists the assistance of Juan to lift the instrument before the owners notice. Tullie herself manages to disguise herself, and blag her way into the dining hall, where she gives a sterling performance, and engages her host in such riveting conversation that Juan is nearly out of the house before anyone knows something is up. The pair escape with the instrument unscathed and unidentified.
The next days travel takes the party to Morton on Hald, a woodland town which provides lumber, furs and meat to the Capital. Here, the local worshippers of Ehlonna and Obad-Hai are protesting each others treatment of the forest. A little nosing reveals that this has been exacerbated by the arrival of the Pale. Rumour from the Capital is that The Pale are using their summoned Deva to oust ‘lesser’ religions.
Arannis and Torvald push further, and identify a nearby location known as the Everburn Belfry, a monastery of Karuth (worshippers of Wee Jas). Unfortunately, they are not overly keen on outsiders, and they learn little from the excursion.
Now on the shores of the continent, the party make the last leg of the journey, and fly to the frozen wasteland of The Shard.

Published by JVC Parry

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