Welcome Back!

Welcome back probably isn’t the most sensible thing to call this post, but I’m running with it. I’m welcoming myself back!

Recently, it’s struck me that I need to put a bit more effort in PR. After watching an interview from D&D Beyond with Mike Shea and James Haeck about adventure writing and their paths into D&D, it became clear to me that not only do you need to be a brilliant designer/writer, you also need to have cultivated an audience for your work.

That’s what I’m going to make an effort to do!

Over the coming months, I hope to start streaming, write a new blog post at least each week, and promote myself a little more on twitter and maybe even facebook.

I’m going to start this process by quickly running down everything I’ve done that’s been published so far. Quite a task, but one I think we can achieve.

Title Publisher Where
100 NPC Catchphrases JVC Parry DMsGuild
100 Ways to Introduce a New Character JVC Parry DMsGuild
Adventure Anthology of PB Publishing PB Publishing DMsGuild
Adventure Compendium Vol I JVC Parry DMsGuild
Adventure Compendium Vol II JVC Parry DMsGuild
Assault on Hellmaw Island MT Black DMsGuild
Beneath the Sands JVC Parry DMsGuild
Cult of the Glutton JVC Parry DMsGuild
Encounters in the Savage Cities Jeff C Stevens DMsGuild
Encounters in the Savage Frontier Jeff C Stevens DMsGuild
Gauntlet of Flame JVC Parry DMsGuild
Grimm Encounters JVC Parry DMsGuild
Hall of the Cursed God JVC Parry DMsGuild
Minotaur’s Bargain PB Publishing DMsGuild
Minotaur’s Betrayal PB Publishing DMsGuild
Monsters of the Guild Glen Cooper DMsGuild
Monsters Without Borders Glen Cooper DMsGuild
Sanguine Sacrament JVC Parry DMsGuild
Seeds of Chaos JVC Parry DMsGuild
Serpent Isle JVC Parry DMsGuild
Serpent Isle: Oss’Ithek JVC Parry DMsGuild
Serpent Isle: Viper’s Pit JVC Parry DMsGuild
Shattered Souls JVC Parry DMsGuild
Shore of Dreams Poison Potion Press DMsGuild
Terra Incognita JVC Parry DMsGuild
The Beast of ShadowGate JVC Parry DMsGuild
The Frosted Prince JVC Parry DMsGuild
The Hag’s Hexes Tim Bannock DMsGuild
The Theocracy JVC Parry DMsGuild
Whispers from the Void LoreSmyth LoreSmyth Website
Winter Yonderland JVC Parry DMsGuild

As well as all of the above, I’m working on several other adventures with GoblinStone, Patrick E Pullen‘s Darkworld, LoreSmyth‘s Flight of Vorden, The Obsidian King and Savage Dawn, the third instalment of the Minotaur Trilogy with PB Publishing, OnePageEncounters for the CritAcademy Podcast, plus multiple projects with Jeff C Stevens, the Mount Ogden Gaming Company, Travis Legge and Poison Potion Press.

Well then.

With all that said, I have a couple of future projects myself, including a hideous, long-form adventure path about mind flayers crashing into the Forgotten Realms and finishing off the Dragon Relics series. I’m also working on my own campaign setting in which I hope to write short stories or even novels if I can pluck up the courage.

So basically I’m back! Keep your eyes peeled for more.

Published by JVC Parry

Welcome all! My name is Josh and I publish and create RPG content as JVC Parry. The vast majority of what I write about will be related to Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, but I also dabble in some system neutral stuff and board games too! You can find me in these places: Twitter: http://twitter.com/jvcparry Facebook: http://facebook.com/jvcparry DMsGuild: https://goo.gl/cb4eQE

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