What’s Next?

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m going to try and build the ‘brand’ of JVC Parry a little more. My reasons for this are to try and promote the work that I’ve already done, as well as creating new content and freelancing, but at a slower pace.

I’ve had a few ideas about how I could do this, and the first I think is simply getting my name out there into the web, and what better way to do that than a giveaway?!

Starting next week, I’ll be releasing weekly posts about one of my adventures/products, how they were conceived, what the easiest and hardest parts of their creation was, what problems I encountered along the way, what resources I used to help write them, and obviously a brief synopsis of what the product actually is. These posts will be written here, but shared on social media. Anyone who retweets or shares the post will be entered into a ‘raffle’ which gives them a chance to win a pdf copy of the product in question!

I’ve also just started up a Patreon account! I hope everything I’m doing on there is legal, but I’m totally new to this so if I mess it up please forgive me!

Remember to check in next week for the first in my series of giveaways. I’ll be going in alphabetical order (excluding compendiums and numbers last), so we will start with Beneath the Sands!


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