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RPGsources is an article where I highlight tools that might help you run your D&D games a little smoother. They’re typically free, online resources that might help streamline certain parts of your game, or provide inspiration and answers to your tabletop woes. This article is a little self-indulgent, as I’m going to take a look at something I have made myself; The Shop.

The Shop is my attempt at collating and reconciling all of the things you can buy in D&D 5th Edition. Although I’ve not done a large update in a while (one is due soon), it has what I deem to be accurate prices for hundreds of items that characters can buy in the varied D&D worlds. The basis for this sheet, of course, the Player’s Handbook. I started by going through the armour, weapons and equipment from the book and recording their prices in the sheet. I then turned to the Dungeon Master’s Guide to look up the costs of the various treasures you can buy or discover while on quests. I also took out prices for things like poisons that might be overlooked by less vigilant readers. Finally, I turned to the Manster Manual, and scoured its pages for other costed items, such as a Shield Guardian Amulet.

Art by Zhrayde.

Since creating the original sheet using only the items found in the core books, I’ve gone on to add in dozens of my own items and additions, basing all of the costs on the official prices for items. If you’re anything like me, you often want to give your characters a reward that’s thematic and tells a bit of a story. If they’re clearing out an elven shrine overrun with troglodytes, they might perhaps find a jade statuette of the elven deity Solonor Thelandria. These little treasures tell the characters a lot about the location, and help immerse them in the environment. The trouble comes when there are no elves in the party, and the ranger doesn’t care for statue collection, so they try to sell the item. You’ve written yourself into a little hole! How much would it be worth? You probably didn’t think about that when you created the treasure. No worries. Check out The Shop, and hopefully I’ll have a cost for the item, or at least something similar for you to base an estimate off.

Although it’s been a while since I updated it, I’m going to try and keep adding to The Shop using priced items from published adventures. I’ve already added in items from Out of the Abyss for example, but I’m sure there are hundreds more in Tomb of AnnihilationStorm King’s Thunder or Curse of Strahd. By collecting more data about the price of items, I can get closer estimates for things that don’t have a listed price in any of the books.

Although this might seem a little book-keeper-ish, I think that having accurate prices for items in D&D games is one of the small things that help the players feel as if they’re in a real world. If they sell a gold ring for 100gp one day, then another for 500gp in a week, they might start to question the ‘realness’ of the world. A similar thing can be said for the passing of days, months and seasons. These small elements all add up to create a more material, consistent world. If nothing else, The Shop might help save you a little time at the table because it’s searchable. Rather than flicking through a hardcover book looking for one line in a table, all you need do is Ctrl+F, type the item in and hopefully find an accurate price.

Art by feliciacano.

With the announcement of Eberron and Ravnica as new D&D settings a few days ago, I’m hoping there will be even more material to enter into the sheet. I also have a feeling that Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and Dungeon of the Mad Mage will be chock full of tasty treasure for plundering!

If you have any more ideas for RPGsources I could include in the blog, just let me know! Also, don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway!

Published by JVC Parry

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