DMsGuild Challenge – Complete!

Despite starting well over 20 days ago, I’ve finally finished the DMsGuild Challenge that I created! Numerous other creators and punters have joined in, which is great to see! Examples include Travis Legge, Tim Bannock and Tony Petrecca (all the T’s)! You can check out everyone else’s progress by looking up the hashtag on twitter; #DMsGuildChallenge! Anyway, one of the greats who joined in was Chris Bissette of Loot the Room, and he did his all in a blog format, so I’m stealing the idea, and posting the entire rundown of my challenge responses here so they’re easy to access!

d20 DMsGuild Challenge

Day 1 – 3 of your Favourite Creators

Jeff C Stevens, Phil Beckwith (of PB Publishing) and Alex Clippinger!

Day 2 – Favourite Copper Bestseller

Although it’s impossible to pick a favourite, one of the best adventures out there that’s a Copper Bestseller is Travis Legge‘s A Small Problem. A brilliantly quirky low-level adventure set in the underdark.


Day 3 – Favourite Type of Product

Gotta be adventures!

Day 4 – What could the DMsGuild do better?

I’d love to see external linking reintroduced to the site! I want to be able to build a community across all my social media platforms!

Day 5 – Favourite Silver Bestseller

My favourite silver seller at the moment is Storm King’s Barrows! Great supplement to help build up the North! You can read my full review here.


Day 6 – First Product you Read

The first thing I ever read from DMsGuild was Blood on the Trail by ! At that time it was called A Trail of Groundnuts (I think)!


Day 7 – Last Product you Read

I’m currently reading through ’s Sharn – The Missing Schema for a review! That review is now live here. What I’m reading now (at the time of writing) is Attack on Coppercoil by Tal Aviezer for another review, which should be up next week.


Day 8 – Favourite Cover Art

Impossible to pick a favourite, but one of the best has to be Banquet of the Damned by ! I believe the cover is the work of the incredible .


Day 9 – Favourite Product Title

I know already picked this himself, but my favourite title has to be Nice Day for a Wight Wedding by . He’s a bad man.


Day 10 – Favourite Electrum Bestseller

One of my fave electrum bestsellers is The Mines of Chult by , and ! Encounter products are always useful for a DM, especially ones with top-notch writing and lovely maps! You can read more about how these books get made in my interview with Jeff.


Day 11 – Favourite Monster

My favourite DMsGuild monster is the Bloodthorn from Monsters of the Guild! It was designed by Richie Root in Xanathar’s Guide to Orders and Organisations. It’s a giant tree capable of leeching the life from those it has grappled in its branches.


Day 12 – Favourite NPC

One of my favourite NPCs is Grindelgar from ’ encounter ‘Stone Giant’s Lost Rock’ from Storm King’s Barrows. A lot of character conveyed in but a little text, great job!


Day 13 – Favourite Race

My favourite race from the DMsGuild is almost certainly the Tortle. I’m not usually a huge fan of anthropomorphic animal races (I’m looking at you tabaxi) but who doesn’t want to be a giant turtle barbarian?! Check out the Tortle Package!


Day 14 – Favourite Class

I’m always drawn to divine spellcasters. If you want some more epic divinity in your games, I’d suggest you check out Faiths of the Forgotten Realms by and !


Day 15 – Favourite Gold Bestseller

Obviously it’s impossible to pick a favourite, but definitely one of the best is Killer Kobolds! by ! Keep your eyes peeled for an interview with Tony about this adventure, and how to make low CR creatures a deadly challenge soon.


Day 16 – Favourite Magic Item

It’s impossible to pick my favourite magic item, but here’s an amazing collection of a whole bunch by ! It’s called Bale’s Outfitting Post, and is one of the first products I read from DMsGuild.


Day 17 – Favourite Spell

One again, it’s impossible to pick the best of the lot, but if you want spells, check out the Player’s Companion from and co!


Day 18 – Favourite Trap

Although it’s not exactly a trap in the conventional sense, I love the Griffon Statue from ‘s The Haunt, great way to split the party and play into the spooky narrative of that adventure! Tune back in on Friday for an interview with Phil about his inspiration for The Haunt, and what helps inspire him to keep writing great adventures!


Day 19 – What product would you like to see next?

I think there’s room for another Monster Manual style book, and more long-form campaigns! They’re a lot of work to produce, but the results can be amazing!

Day 20 – Favourite Platinum Bestseller

This one’s cheating a little, but my favourite Platinum best-seller is Shore of Dreams! It was produced by and written by myself, and is the first writing of mine to reach Platinum best-seller status!


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my picks for the DMsGuild Challenge! Remember, if you want to check out what other people are recommending, you can find it all here. If you want to start the challenge yourself, just save the image and start tweeting using #DMsGuildChallenge!

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