Parry’s Picks – 7th October 2018

Welcome to the awfully named Parry Picks! It’s a new article series where I take a look at what’s been published on the Guild this week, and highlight 5 of my favourites. You can help me out by contacting me through social media to draw my attention to the products you like!


Children of the Fey

Steven Wallace

Presenting new fey player races and monsters with great internal artwork, Children of the Fey is a great choice for players or DMs looking to include a more exotic fey flavour in their games. The ideas come not only from Eurocentric folklore, but also from South East Asia, Oceana and beyond! The three player races; half fey, lar fey and arboreal fey each has three subraces with their own unique flavour and are designed to fit into any setting!


Festivals, Feasts & Fairs

Ashley May

In a departure from the normal content you’ll find on DMsGuild, Ashley pulls another one out the bag with Festivals, Feasts & Fairs. In this supplement you’ll find a whole host of information about its namesake, designed to help give adventurers a break during their downtime. It contains a variety of interactive games, magic items and backgrounds relating to the topic, as well as a load of lore about various festivities your party might get the chance to get involved with.
If you enjoy it, you’ll almost certainly love The Hungover Adventure Guide too, another of Ashley’s supplements which provides rules for drunkenness, dozens of plot hooks and a stocked bar of fantastical drinks.


Happy Halloween!

Joe K.

Although I’ve never heard of Joe K before, I was presently surprised by this supplement after having my eye caught by the cover. Happy Halloween! provides a whole bunch of themed content from ghoulish monsters such as black cats and dancing skeletons, to the longest list of magical candies I have ever seen! Some of the creatures might be punching a little hard for their CR, but it is Halloween after all! If you’ve already got an idea for your Halloween special session, but need to help populating it with unexpected content, I’d highly recommend you check this product out!


The Haunt 2

PB Publishing & Travis Legge

This is THE adventure to run this Halloween. If you’re somehow not familiar with the platinum best seller The Haunt by PB Publishing (which is now available in Print on Demand), this is the much anticipated, and probably more disturbing sequel! I don’t want to give away any spoilers save this one; She’s Back!


Khyber Khronicle Volume #02

Chris Totten, Christopher Walz, Elven Tower, Jennifer Hawkins, Jeremiah Jaggers, Kenny Morris, William Murakami-Brundage & Zach Pickett

If you’re in need of more and more Eberron content for D&D 5e, then this is the product for you. I have no doubt that these Eberron ‘zines are quickly going to become a fan favourite for the setting. Since the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron was launched we’ve seen a load of new content appear on the guild, but these guys are definitely in the lead!


Special Mention – Blessed of The Traveler: Queer Gender Identity in Eberron

Lex Permann

Still on the Eberron theme, Blessed of the Traveler is a product designed to help you manage gender identity in your Eberron games. This is an aspect of D&D that is often overlooked in published products, though WotC have started making more and more headway when representing gender, sexuality and race. If this topic is important to you, I can’t recommend this product enough, which talks about the different races’ and religions’ views on gender, and gives some NPCs to help diversify your world.
If you’re a little unsure what this is all about, try listening to Total Party Thrill #164 where they discuss the Kalashtar, and the complicated aspects of gender in their society.


Special Mention – Complete Adventures of M.T. Black Vol. II

M.T. Black

Perhaps the Guild’s best known adventure writer is back with a bundle of his most recent adventures! I’m a little biased toward this one as I actually co-wrote of the the adventures in the bundle; Assault on Hellmaw Island! For only $9.95 you can grab that adventure, and 5 others from one of the OG DMsGuild publishers. Definitely not one to miss.

Published by JVC Parry

Welcome all! My name is Josh and I publish and create RPG content as JVC Parry. The vast majority of what I write about will be related to Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, but I also dabble in some system neutral stuff and board games too! You can find me in these places: Twitter: Facebook: DMsGuild:

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