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We interrupt your regularly scheduled Industry Interview this Friday for a work from me, JVC!

I’m writing this little post to let you know what I’m hoping to achieve over the next few months, and give you all a little update on what’s happening in my world.

Grimm Encounters II

The next product on my horizon is Grimm Encounters II. For those of you that aren’t already familiar with the first Grimm Encounters, contains a dozen or so encounters that have a Halloween, horror theme based around one of the Grimm Fairytales. They’re put together by myself from a range of authors, and thus have a real range of content from campy horror to absolute gore all the way through totally bizarre!

Each story is based on an original Grimm Tale, including classics like Cinderella and lesser known tales like The Crystal Ball. Some of the encounters are much like the original tale, whilst others take a core element and expand upon it.

This year, we’ve taken a slightly different approach, creating both encounters and mini-adventures that are likely to take up an entire session, or even two, of play!

The amazing authors we have on board this year are myself, Alex Clippinger, Beatriz Dias, Jeff C Stevens, Ken Carcas and Molly Meadows. All the writing is done, and layout is underway, so the product should be up in plenty of time for Halloween!

Cult of the Glutton – Rerelease

Something I’m intending to do over the next year or two is rerelease the vast majority of my adventures! This is a two stage process – review and rewrite elements of the adventure (take a look at my Deconstructing Dungeons articles for more information) and then get new artwork, cartography and covers for each adventure.

Currently, I’ve got the adventure ready to release! All I need to do for this one is to get the Print of Demand option sorted. All of the artwork and layout is now comparable for a softcover release, something I’m hugely excited about! I know that print copies typically don’t sell as many as PDFs, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll understand the excitement of having a physical product.

Here’s some of the new artwork you’ll find in the adventure:

The Wizard of Zo

I’ve not released a new adventure in a while, so I’m massively excited to let you all know that I currently have 2 in the pipeline! The first of these three is a Wizard of Oz inspired adventure set in the jungles of Chult, and you can be sure to find plenty of lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) within.

The adventure is for 5th-10th level characters, and could potentially take up four or five sessions of play, depending on how much you use. Like the WotC published adventures, I’m trying to take a toolbox approach, where pieces of the adventure can be used out of context easily.

The adventure will include amazing artwork from Danny Pavlov, the main artist on my collaboration list at the moment. Here is some of his incredible work:

Blood at the Auction

Part three of the Dragon Relics series should hopefully hit the Guild toward the end of the year, or at the start of next year. I’m hoping wrap up that campaign into a single package before the end of next year, and you can grab the first two parts; Beneath the Sands and The Theocracy now!

Again, Blood at the Auction will be packed with incredible art from a number of different artists. The adventure is written and edited, we’re just waiting on some more artwork and a layout before the adventure can go live. As with all my new adventures, I’m hoping to get this one Print on Demand.

JVC Parry Presents…

I’ve recently started up a new initiative which is designed to help new writers break into the Guild. What with the increasing quality of production on the site, it’s often hard for new authors to get noticed. Because of this, I’m starting JVC Parry Presents… The first of these should be out by Christmas! More about this in future articles. If you’re interested in a helping hand though, please do get in touch.

Published by JVC Parry

Welcome all! My name is Josh and I publish and create RPG content as JVC Parry. The vast majority of what I write about will be related to Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, but I also dabble in some system neutral stuff and board games too! You can find me in these places: Twitter: http://twitter.com/jvcparry Facebook: http://facebook.com/jvcparry DMsGuild: https://goo.gl/cb4eQE

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