Parry’s Picks – 21st October 2018

Hello and welcome back to Parry’s Picks! Each week in this article series I take a look at what’s been published on the DMsGuild over the past 7 days and try to highlight 5 of the best ones out there! This week we’ve still got a bit of a Halloween theme, but there are some regular products in there too for those of you getting pumpkin fatigue!


Gnightmare on Gnome Street


This adventure would probably get into my top 5 for the name alone! Thankfully for you guys, it’s also some quality content! This slasher-themed one-shot set in Ravenloft is sure to give your characters a scare, and probably a barrel of laughs. The characters enter a haunted house on a dare, only to find that a mysterious killer resides within and tries to off the characters one by one.


The Madhouse of Tasha’s Kiss

Jeff C Stevens, Remley Farr

Not that any of you don’t know already, but Jeff is at the top of the adventure writing game, and this product clearly displays it. This Halloween adventure promises disturbing jester attacks in pocket madhouse dimensions, packed full of disturbing delights. As usual, the production of the adventure is amazing, with a great layout, custom maps and art and an absolutely horrifying cover!


Magnum Opus

Luke Monroe

Luke is starting to really make a name for himself on the DMsGuild, and the signature pixelated font makes him unmistakable! This adventure is a nice break from all the Halloween antics, focusing on a treasure map of sorts that the characters have managed to get their hands on. If they can trace back to the vault and break it, they’re in for a huge payday!


Seasonal Surprises Vol 1

Matt Butler

If you’re wanting to add a little Halloween surprise to your sessions, but don’t have time to run a whole seasonal one-shot, Matt has got you covered! This supplement contains monsters, magic items and encounters to help you add a little horror to your games, and could be used throughout the year to add a little spooky flavour.


Sharn III, City of Monsters

Elven Tower

For those of you not following the blog, I’ve already done full reviews of Sharn I and Sharn II, and I highly recommend them both! The production of these adventures are always amazing, and their story lines are always innovative and captivating. If you’re looking for more adventures in Eberron, then Elven Tower’s products are a great place to start.

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