Grimm Encounters II – Out this week!

Hello all! Afraid to say that there will be no Deconstructing Dungeons article this week because I’m putting the finishing touches to Grimm Encounters II, a Halloween encounter and mini-adventure supplement for characters of all levels. After the success of Grimm Encounters, I thought it’d be a real shame not to do it again, so here we are!

Each encounter within the product is based on one of the original Grimms’ Fairy Tales, and has its own fantastical, horrific, terrifying flavour. These range from camp horror to truly disturbing scenes of utter gore. So something for everyone!

This year I included a whole range of writers, both new and old, from a diverse crowd; Alex Clippinger, Beatriz T Dias, Jeff C Stevens, Ken Carcas, Molly Meadows and myself. We each contributed a couple of encounters to the book, totalling at a dozen mini-adventures for your Halloween sessions! The book is 43 pages long, and includes new magic items and monsters, as well as artwork from the talented Dean Spencer and Daniel Comerci; everything you need to keep it spooky.

If all goes well, the book should be out by Friday!


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