Rerelease – Cult of the Glutton

Now that my Deconstructing Dungeons article series has finished, I’m starting to go through and rerelease my old adventures (as well as releasing new ones, keep your eyes peeled later in the month). These rereleases will update the layout, artwork and writing of my old adventures to give them a more professional touch, and keep them up to standard with the ever-improving quality of work on the DMsGuild. If you already own a copy of the adventure, all you need to do is download it again, if not, you can buy yourself an updated copy!


The first adventure up for rerelease is Cult of the Glutton. You can read about it in its Deconstructing Dungeons article here. I started with one of my shorter adventures so that I could get used to the work, and the amount of money I’d have to invest in. For this adventure I got new interior artwork, cartography and a custom cover! I revised the writing in some places to make sure it’s all clear, but haven’t done any major reworkings.

For those that don’t know, Cult of the Glutton is a 3.5 hour Dungeons & Dragons adventure for Tier 2 (5th-10th) level characters. It involves a fight with a demon lord BBEG, which might be too much for some parties, but is sure to culminate in a climactic, dynamic encounter. As well as the new demon lord, the adventure includes new magic items, monsters and a new disease!

Fancy a look at the brand new Cult of the Glutton? Just keep scrolling!

cover art.jpg
Cover art by Matthew Myslinski.



Cartography by Matthias Rothenaicher.


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