Parry’s Picks – 11th November 2018

Hello and welcome back to Parry’s Picks! Each week in this article series I take a look at what’s been published on the DMsGuild over the past 7 days and try to highlight 5 of the best ones out there! This week we have a real mix of products, including both player and DM facing work, and a new release from yours truly as an added extra!


The Book of Uncommon Ancestry

Benjamin Huffman

In truth, I think there are enough options for players in the WotC published material. I’ve never felt the need as a player to reach out for 3rd party supplements, save for specific campaign settings. Because of this, the only player supplements I’m drawn to are wacky ones, and this fits the bill! The Book of Uncommon Ancestry contains 12 new character races including Dragontortleborn, Giff and Thri-kreen, as well as a load of supplementary content such as feats and magic items. Want a free look inside, check out their pamphlet.


How to Play Good

R P Davis

Think of all the player and DM advice you’ve ever received. I bet you could fill a castle with it. Thankfully, R P Davis has taken the time to distil the best player and DM advice down into this product which should be useful for absolute newbies to experienced champions of the game. None of the advice is condescending or patronising, and all of it is useful, so what are you waiting for?!


Khyber Khronicle Volume #3

Jay Africa et al.

I will always recommend the Khyber Khronicle when it’s published. If you’re running Eberron games for D&D 5th Edition, they you should be picking these up. These Eberron zines contain adventure paths, lore, new monsters and magic items, the works! They’re always good quality, and always worth picking up for all you Eberron fans out there!


The Lovers’ Handbook

Ashley May

Although it’s not a topic that often gets explored in my games*, love can certainly be a huge part of D&D if all of your players are comfortable with it. Ashley May is already well known for her off the wall supplements, and she upholds her reputation in style with The Lovers’ Handbook. If you want to include romance and love within your games, there’s not better supplement out there than this!

*One of my players birthed an abyssal cambion child last session, but it was far from romantic. Welcome to the world Poxie!


Mad Mages of Undermountain

Troy Taylor

This amazing supplement for Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage contains five new fleshed out mages for DMs to add into their games. As well as containing these crazy NPCs, there are 10 lesser mages to throw in, tables to randomly create mages of monstrous origin, and introductions from famous characters of the Forgotten Realms such as Volo! For the low price of $0.99, this is sure to spice up your campaign.


The Minotaur Trilogy

P.B. Publishing & JVC Parry

After years of work, Phil and I have finally finished putting together The Minotaur Trilogy. You might already be familiar with the three instalments of this monstrous work; Minotaur’s Bargain, Minotaur’s Betrayal and Minotaur’s Bane, but this product merges them all together into their final form! The campaign should take characters from level 5 to 11 and provide over 40 hours of gameplay. I like to think that Phil and I are at the top of the adventure writing game, but if that’s not enough to convince you, check out the sample pages! The whole thing looks incredible and is packed with full colour art and custom maps.








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