Parry’s Picks – 25th November 2018

Hello and welcome back to Parry’s Picks! Each week in this article series I take a look at what’s been published on the DMsGuild over the past 7 days and try to highlight 5 of the best ones out there! This week we have a real mix of products including a sci-fi supplement, a Ravnica adventure and D&D for kids!


The Greasemonkey’s Handbook

Vall Syrene, Mogman Dubloon

Ever wanted to fight in a massive robot but keep using the basic D&D 5th Edition rules? Well now you can! This huge supplement contains rules for building and piloting futuristic vehicles as well as new spells and magic items for steampunk and sci-fi D&D games! This whole think is over 100 pages long and is packed full of awesome material!


The Heart of Svogthos

Richard Malena-Webber

The new setting for D&D is out! Ravnica! For those that are loving the idea of a Magic: The Gathering D&D crossover (which should be all of you) then you’ll be excited to hear that none other than Richard Melena-Webber has published a wicked Ravnica adventure, filled with lore and heroic opportunity. The adventure is for 1st and 2nd level characters, and is filled with Guild magic and guidance, exactly what you want from this unique setting.


Little Heroes – A Guide to Children at the Table

Anne Gregersen

Children at the table. It’s not always so straightforward as we might think. What sort of content is appropriate? Which rules might be a little too much for them to understand? How deep into character creation should we go? These questions and more have vexed people playing with younger siblings and youth groups for as long as the game has been around. Thankfully, Anne has created a supplement to help answer these questions, and also talks about playing as a child or adolescent in your D&D games. It’s certainly a niche supplement, but it’s definitely a worthwhile buy!


Notice Board: 42 Quests for Waterdeep and Skullport

Christian Eichhorn

This product is exactly what it says on the tin! It’s a collection of notice boards from the cities of Waterdeep and Skullport, each of which is filled with epic adventure hooks. The boards are amazing rendered so that they could be printed off, or displayed on a screen and look like the real deal! In addition to the 42 quest seeds provided, Christian has included blank boards and blank notes so that you can make your own! Definitely worth picking up for only $2.95.


Villains & Lairs

Jeff C. Stevens et al.

Jeff is back with another amazing compilation! This time, rather than encounters, we’ve got examples of villains and their lairs – 46 in total. Each of these villains is well detailed with motives and flaws, and many of them have detailed lairs too. The villains range from sahuagin to gnolls and back again, with a wide variety of CRs. The product is packed with art too which really helps you visualise your baddies! It’s already a silver best seller and features a villain written by yours truly; Faithsbane – a sentient weapon.

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