The Wizard of Zo

Time for a new adventure! If you’re still running Tomb of Annihilation, fancy a romp in the jungle or just want a new adventure with a bizarre villain and litany of characters, then check out my new adventure – The Wizard of Zo!


The adventure takes place at Camp Resistance, where the characters have come across a poorly manned encampment created by the Gauntlet of the Flame. When they arrive, the camp is on the verge of being attacked by a zombie tyrannosaurus! Hopefully, the characters make it through the fight with the undead dinosaur and take respite in the camp.


As they spend time in camp, they learn of the various goings on, including the appearance of a strange phenomenon or being dubbed the ‘Mask of Ubtao’. Not everyone in camp believes in the spirituality of the being, but they certainly don’t want to cross it. The Mask has been demanding a tithe from the camp for many moons, which it takes in the form of gold from a nearby mine. Once the camp tried to refuse, but they were attacked by Razira and her pride of weretigers. They haven’t made the same mistake twice.


When the characters arrive, the camp has another chance at freedom! If the characters can discover what lies behind the Mask of Ubtao, search through the Tomb of Impersonation, and free Camp Resistance from the clutches of the Wizard of Zo, they will be surely rewarded!


The Wizard of Zo is a 5-10 hour Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure for 5th-10th level characters. It is absolutely stuffed with custom artwork and maps from amazing artists such as Dean Spencer, Danny Pavlov and Matthias Rothenaicher.

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