Parry’s Picks – 2nd December 2019

Hello and welcome back to Parry’s Picks! Each week in this article series I take a look at what’s been published on the DMsGuild over the past 7 days and try to highlight 5 of the best ones out there! It’s beena  seriously busy week on the Guild, and there’s lots of great new content out there, but these are my top picks.


The Wizard of Zo

JVC Parry

Surprise surprise, my top pick this week is my own adventure; The Wizard of Zo. This adventure is definitely my best work so far in all ways; writing, design, production, you name it! It’s already got 2 5-star reviews so far out of 10 sales! Long gone are the days when my adventures went Copper overnight, but if you’re looking for some amazing Tomb of Annihilation additions, you need look no further.


Dinos of Darkness

Ashley WarrenPhil Beckwith

Despite what I just said about the Wizard of Zo, there is another contender for the best Tomb of Annihilation adventure ever – Dinos of Darkness! I’ve worked with both Ashley and Phil before, and I can tell you that they are at the top of their game! If you want some dino on dino action, this is the adventure for you.


Last Christmas

Janek Sielicki

That’s right, the Christmas adventures are officially here! This adventure is not just a festive funfair, it also have 10 pregenerated Christmas characters, custom maps and handouts. This adventure promises to be pure tongue-in-cheek humour, featuring Santa Claus & the Grinch as major NPCs.


Skills Challenges in 5e

R P Davis

The idea of taking Skill Challenges from 4th edition and updating them to 5th edition rules has been commonplace for a while now, being used by many famous DMs and discussed on dozens of YouTube advice shows. This supplement takes all that advice and experience and distils it down into a short supplement which will help you run these mechanics at your own table.


Tavern Games

Anne Gregersen

Once again Anne is back with another DM and Player supplement! This time we have a product all about playing tavern games in D&D. It includes 10 mini-games that you can play at the table using just your dice, as well as mechanics for bluffing and cheating for less scrupulous gamers!

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