Parry’s Picks – 17th December 2018

Hello and welcome back to Parry’s Picks! Each week in this article series I take a look at what’s been published on the DMsGuild over the past 7 days and try to highlight 5 of the best ones out there! This week we’ve got Dungeon of the Mad Mage supplements, Eberron content, Ravnica content, and a new release from yours truly!


Halaster’s Hoard

R P Davis et al.

This supplement contains a huge payload of magic items, monsters and traps to supplement your Dungeon of the Mad Mage campaign. Not only that, but it contains a mini-adventure named Halaster’s Vault for your characters to take a stab at. This supplement even has a review on!


The Mad Mage of Xen’drik

Travis Legge

If you’re trying to keep ahead of your party in Eberron, Travis Legge’s new adventure The Mad Mage of Xen’drik will be a great addition to your arsenal. It includes a new location for characters of 5th – 10th level to explore and a CR 17 BBEG that’s bound to give characters a run for their money.


The Palace of Pain’s Pleasures

Beatriz T. Dias & Travis Legge

Travis is back for a second release! This one is set in Ravnica, the newest WotC campaign setting. It’s the sequel to Off to a Weird Start, an introductory adventure on the plane. This adventure follows closely with the Izzet and Rakdos guilds, as the characters try to recover a rogue weird that has made its way into a travelling caravan of performers, which doubles up as a magical construct!


Undermountain: The Lost Lore

Micah Watt

If you’re looking for a player supplement to expand your Dungeon of the Mad Mage repertoire, then this is the product for you. This product contains 8 new character archetypes, 3 backgrounds, 15 spells, 19 magic items, 8 monsters and a host of random dungeon dressing tables to bring your Undermountain experience to life.


Winter’s Breath

Zeke Gonzalez & JVC Parry

This week saw the beginning of a new initiative I’m spearheading called ‘JVC Parry Presents…’. This project aims to help new writers break onto the DMsGuild scene, by giving them a helping hand to get published and putting them in contact with experienced publishers who can assist them. Look for more in a blog article soon.

Winter’s Breath was written by Zeke Gonzalez, and is a festive adventure which sees a party of 5th – 10th level heroes explore Snowmound Crossing, a temple which has been mysteriously frozen for some unknown reason. Hopefully the characters can discover what caused the freeze, and try to remedy the situation before it’s too late!

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Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Winter’s Breath and The Wizard of Zo!

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