Review – The Greenfields Adventure Series

This review looks at the Greenfields Adventure Series by Christian Eichhorn and includes adventures such as The Tower Golem and supplements such as Player Stronghold: Tower Golem. Each of the products is in some way linked to the Greenfields area of the Forgotten Realms, giving them all a base from which to start. Most of the adventures are Tier 1 or 2, and the supplements are universal. Because there are several different kinds of product, I’m going to give a general overview of them all, without going into specific details about one product.


I’ll start by saying that the author’s style is very distinct. They create lots of interesting and dynamic NPCs with their own motives and backstories that should always keep PCs on their toes. Even if the PCs move onto the next element of an adventure, there is no guarantee that these fleshed out NPCs won’t continue to wreak havoc. In the case of The Tower Golem and Igach’s Reign of Terror,some of the devil NPCs in the adventure such as Igach and Azaketh have great dynamics between themselves, which will only get messier when the players get involved.


In a similar fashion, the locations for adventure created by the author are unique and fantastic. Although the adventures are all in the Greenfields area of the Forgotten Realms, they don’t all stay there! Different adventures see the PCs fight within a living tower golem and in planes of existence such as a ceaseless maelstrom. These new, living locations are bound to keep players interested and on their toes. An extension of this can be found in Player Stronghold: Tower Golem. If the characters manage to obtain the golem during the adventure, they can continue to use it for their own devices. This comes with dozens of new locations and NPCs that they might end up encountering, especially if the chaotic portal within the tower is not closed.


Each of the adventures is well thought out and structured. Each has a synopsis at the start to give DMs an overall idea of the flow of the adventure, and the important NPCs are detailed too. In addition to being well written, the mechanics and their text are clear and concise. Each encounter has been thought through from both a story and a mechanical perspective, making them clear and easy to run. Different text boxes, tables and sidebars help break up the information to make it easily digestible and the splitting of the adventure into parts also helps. We also get loads of new monsters and magic items which are sure to liven up your table, and keep the players guessing about the abilities of the important NPCs and unique monsters.


The stand out quality of all these products is the production. Although the artwork is almost exclusively Creative Commons, the author has taken a great deal of care to pick the most suitable pieces, and to frame them in a professional manner. Because of this, the combination of fantasy stock art and creative commons art blends seamlessly, which helps to immerse the reader in the story. The author has also made excellent use of full colour maps which really help bring the locations to life.

Overall – 5/5

When taken together as a body of work, I have to give the Greenfields Adventure Series 5/5. Although there may be small errors here and there in the writing and design, the overall quality is very high. The narratives of the adventure are well thought out, engaging and original, and are certain to play out nicely at the table. This is aided by the amazing artwork and production within each product, which makes them an easy read. Considering the quality of these products, the pricing is extremely reasonable, making them an easy buy!

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