Review – Sharn II, Council of Roaches

Hello and welcome to this week’s review! Today we’re taking a look at Sharn II, Council of Roaches by Elven Tower. This is the sequel adventure to Sharn – The Missing Schema which I reviewed a few weeks ago. I gave that adventure a 4/5 stars. It stood out for its amazing production quality, but was let down aContinue reading “Review – Sharn II, Council of Roaches”

Deconstructing Dungeons – The Theocracy

I am back once again with the penultimate episode in the Deconstructing Dungeons saga! Seems like it hasn’t been that long since I started, but we’re nearly done already. This week we’re taking a look at The Theocracy, part of the Dragon Relics campaign in which the characters have to face off against an ancient dragon. It’s basedContinue reading “Deconstructing Dungeons – The Theocracy”

JVC Parry – Upcoming

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Industry Interview this Friday for a work from me, JVC! I’m writing this little post to let you know what I’m hoping to achieve over the next few months, and give you all a little update on what’s happening in my world. Grimm Encounters II The next product on myContinue reading “JVC Parry – Upcoming”

Review – Claws of Fury

It’s time for the Wednesday Review! Today I’m taking a look at Claws of Fury written by Al Spader, and published on DMsGuild by the Mount Ogden Gaming Company. Claws of Fury is part of the Tales of the Moonsea series for D&D Adventurer’s League (CCC-ALMOG-03 TALES03-01) and is currently a copper best-seller. The adventure is selling for $4.99 and hasContinue reading “Review – Claws of Fury”

Deconstructing Dungeons – The Frosted Prince

Yo yo it’s your boy JP back with another Deconstructing Dungeons! This week we’re taking a look at The Frosted Prince, my Christmas 2017 adventure published on December 11th that year. Each year I try to release a winter adventure, just as I do with Halloween. These things always sell pretty well in their first monthContinue reading “Deconstructing Dungeons – The Frosted Prince”

Parry’s Picks – 7th October 2018

Welcome to the awfully named Parry Picks! It’s a new article series where I take a look at what’s been published on the Guild this week, and highlight 5 of my favourites. You can help me out by contacting me through social media to draw my attention to the products you like! Children of theContinue reading “Parry’s Picks – 7th October 2018”

Review – Myriad, City of Tiers

Welcome to the Wednesday Review! This week I’m taking a look at Myriad, City of Tiers by Alan Tucker. This product is a huge 58 pages of content set in and around Myriad, and city of Alan’s own creation which could be set in the Forgotten Realms, Eberron or your own homebrew world. Myriad is a city that is entirelyContinue reading “Review – Myriad, City of Tiers”

Deconstructing Dungeons – The Beast of ShadowGate

Welcome one and all to Deconstructing Dungeons! In this article series I take a look back at my old adventures, tear them to pieces, and attempt to salvage what I can from the wreckage. My hope is that by doing this other creator’s get some helpful advice about adventure construction and I myself can improveContinue reading “Deconstructing Dungeons – The Beast of ShadowGate”

Review – Dream Walkers

Welcome back to my Wednesday review! This week I’m going to delve into Dream Walkers by Guild Adept Alan Patrick, produced by the Mount Ogden Gaming Company. Dream Walkers is part 3 of the Dreamers storyline for Adventurer’s League (CCC-MIND01-03) and is currently (September 2018) a silver best-seller. The adventure only has 2 ratings at the moment, giving it 3 stars. TheContinue reading “Review – Dream Walkers”

Deconstructing Dungeons – Terra Incognita

This week in Deconstructing Dungeons I’m taking a look at one of my favourite adventures; Terra Incognita. Unfortunately, it’s also one of my worst. I’ll discuss this at length later on. For those that don’t know, Deconstructing Dungeons is an article series in which I take a look back at my published works and reviewContinue reading “Deconstructing Dungeons – Terra Incognita”