Campaign Diary – Dragos-Rah

Plunging fearlessly into the great sandstone pyramid, the party are instantly beset by a myriad of traps and foul creatures. The structure is filled with spring loaded metal vices, poison darts, gas filled vents and falling cobras. Decaying mummies wrapped in reeking bandages burst from bejewelled coffins. Venomous tlincalli appear in whipping vortexes of sand.Continue reading “Campaign Diary – Dragos-Rah”

Campaign Diary – Bizaroid & The Beast/Jattehaim

It’s been ages since I wrote a campaign diary, so here is an infodump of the important events! Each member of the party receives a short message, written on a scroll carried by a white dove from Archmage Bizaroid the Optic, asking that they return immediately to his quarters in the Royal Palace in Finburgh.Continue reading “Campaign Diary – Bizaroid & The Beast/Jattehaim”

Campaign Diary – Skruul the Reaper

After puzzling of the riddle for a short while longer, the party discover that magical light causes the statue to cast a shadow, where mundane light would not. They use the light to feed a shadow into the central bowl, where they ascertained was a secret door. This caused the door to swing open, revealingContinue reading “Campaign Diary – Skruul the Reaper”

Campaign Diary – Whitepeak

After heading back to Finburgh, the party relay the information regarding the summoning of Fraz-Urb’Luu to the Queen. She is not best pleased, but feared, given recent events, that something dark was on the horizon. She asks the adventurers to follow her into the Theocracy of the Pale, a city state housed in the heartContinue reading “Campaign Diary – Whitepeak”

Campaign Diary – Jeff’s Conclusion

previous campaign diary. So, when last we left the party, they were headed¬†south to meet a sect of geomancers. They¬†were in the process of constructing a pass through the mountains to the city of Al-Khamur, a move that would bring more riches into the capital; Finburgh. Unfortunately, the geomancers were attacked whilst working in theContinue reading “Campaign Diary – Jeff’s Conclusion”

Campaign Diary – The Aftermath

If you’ve not read the previous instalment of the campaign diary, I would thoroughly recommend doing so! The session started in the aftermath of the Jubilee. The slain bodies of undead, as well unlucky guards and commoners, litter the main drag from Market Square to the Royal Palace. The party are in the process ofContinue reading “Campaign Diary – The Aftermath”

Campaign Diary – The Jubilee

Welcome back adventurers! (That’s kind of how the evening started) Quickly everyone recapped their characters and did a little introduction, explaining who they were playing and what that character was like. Then we were off. The Queen’s Jubilee, 17 years on the throne of a dynasty only 24 years long. A matriarchal monarchy currently ruledContinue reading “Campaign Diary – The Jubilee”

Campaign Diary – Northern Tharn

After a loooong summer break, we’re finally playing again this evening! For anyone that doesn’t know the story so far, here’s a brief summary; The adventurers started their journey in the town of Haffield. This rural town is a frontier , often assailed by orcs, goblins, ogres and the like. The story began with HaffieldContinue reading “Campaign Diary – Northern Tharn”