Campaign Diary – Northern Tharn

After a loooong summer break, we’re finally playing again this evening! For anyone that doesn’t know the story so far, here’s a brief summary; The adventurers started their journey in the town of Haffield. This rural town is a frontier , often assailed by orcs, goblins, ogres and the like. The story began with HaffieldContinue reading “Campaign Diary – Northern Tharn”

Review – A Great Upheaval

Blimey. What a chapter. For those of you that don’t know, Wizards of the Coast have released an adventure called Storm King’s Thunder: A Great Upheaval on the DMsGuild for free I’m not too sure whether this is the first chapter of Storm King’s Thunder (the newest story-line) or whether it’s a stand alone introduction, butContinue reading “Review – A Great Upheaval”

Discussion – Random Encounters

‘You begin your arduous trek up into the Craggtop Mountains. Winter cloaks drawn close, you push on through the snowy climbs past dead trees and frozen pools.’ *DM rolls behind screen* ‘After several hours of hard slog, you begin to see something in the distance. Pick their way over a craggy ridge to your east areContinue reading “Discussion – Random Encounters”

New Adventure – The Beast of ShadowGate

Hello again! No post yesterday as I was beginning work on my newest adventure; The Beast of ShadowGate! This adventure is a one shot that should only take one session to complete and is built fro 1st tier (1st-4th) level characters! It has strong horror themes, packed with zombies, skeletons and horrifying creatures, but withContinue reading “New Adventure – The Beast of ShadowGate”

Discussion – Population & Peerage

Welcome back! Today I’m going to muse on the ideas of Population and Peerage within a fantasy setting. For everyone that doesn’t know, so pretty much everyone reading, I DM several D&D 5th Edition campaigns, the main one being a high fantasy, relatively stereotypical world. It is set is a quasi-medieval period of history, expectContinue reading “Discussion – Population & Peerage”

Review – Blood on the Trail

Blood on the Trail – Jeff C. Stevens This publication is for 1st-3rd level characters and is a short, introductory adventure. The thing I like most about Blood on the Trail is the nostalgic story line at its core. Right from the start there are convincing (and humorous) NPCs that engage the reader such as Bale, a gnome shopkeep.Continue reading “Review – Blood on the Trail”