Review – Attack on Coppercoil

Hello readers! For my Wednesday article this week I’m going to be taking a read through of Attack on Coppercoil by Tal Aviezer and RP Davis There’s been a fair bit of buzz around this adventure, and it has already received several 5 star reviews and ratings. As of writing (15th September 2018), the adventure has not yet achievedContinue reading “Review – Attack on Coppercoil”

Review – Sharn – The Missing Schema

This week I’m back with another review! In this article we’re taking a look at Sharn – The Missing Schema and adventure by Elven Tower set in the newly available Eberron campaign setting. For those of you not in the know, publishing on the DMsGuild was previously restricted to the Forgotten Realms (including Chult) and Ravenloft/Barovia. Then,Continue reading “Review – Sharn – The Missing Schema”

Review – Storm King’s Barrows

What? A review? That’s right! I’m going to start reviewing things again on my blog! I figured as I was tearing apart my own adventures in the Deconstructing Dungeons articles I might as well take a look at some other people’s work too. This article we’re going to delve into the Storm King’s Barrows; what appearsContinue reading “Review – Storm King’s Barrows”

Review – Screams at Sunset

Screams at Sunset – Jeff C. Stevens Jeff has not specified the character level for this adventure, but it is almost certainly aimed at 1st tier (1st-4th level) adventurers. It’s a neat little quest with some backstory that could take a session or two. Screams at Sunset is and interesting adventure for a number ofContinue reading “Review – Screams at Sunset”

Review – The Secret of Karnov Mansion

The Secret of Karnov Mansion – Jeff  C. Stevens This adventure is suggested for 4th – 5th level characters. Personally I think it should be for perhaps 5th-6/7th, I’ll explain why later. The Secret to Karnov Mansion is a fascinating idea for a quest. The party are invited to a dinner by Argo, a caretaker andContinue reading “Review – The Secret of Karnov Mansion”

Review – Wizard in a Bottle

Wizard in a Bottle – M. T. Black This adventure is for a party of four 2nd or 3rd level characters, and would, in my opinion, work well as a side quest. I’ve said it before, but here we go again, I love adventures with a good sense of story! Wizard in a Bottle has anContinue reading “Review – Wizard in a Bottle”

Review – A Great Upheaval

Blimey. What a chapter. For those of you that don’t know, Wizards of the Coast have released an adventure called Storm King’s Thunder: A Great Upheaval on the DMsGuild for free I’m not too sure whether this is the first chapter of Storm King’s Thunder (the newest story-line) or whether it’s a stand alone introduction, butContinue reading “Review – A Great Upheaval”

Review – Blood on the Trail

Blood on the Trail – Jeff C. Stevens This publication is for 1st-3rd level characters and is a short, introductory adventure. The thing I like most about Blood on the Trail is the nostalgic story line at its core. Right from the start there are convincing (and humorous) NPCs that engage the reader such as Bale, a gnome shopkeep.Continue reading “Review – Blood on the Trail”