Deconstructing Dungeons – Winter Yonderland

It’s time for the FINAL Deconstructing Dungeons article! I can’t believe it’s already come to an end! What on earth am I going to write about on Mondays now?! Anyway, this week I’m taking a look at Winter Yonderland. For those that don’t know, Deconstructing Dungeons is an article series in which I take a look backContinue reading “Deconstructing Dungeons – Winter Yonderland”

Deconstructing Dungeons – The Theocracy

I am back once again with the penultimate episode in the Deconstructing Dungeons saga! Seems like it hasn’t been that long since I started, but we’re nearly done already. This week we’re taking a look at The Theocracy, part of the Dragon Relics campaign in which the characters have to face off against an ancient dragon. It’s basedContinue reading “Deconstructing Dungeons – The Theocracy”

Deconstructing Dungeons – The Frosted Prince

Yo yo it’s your boy JP back with another Deconstructing Dungeons! This week we’re taking a look at The Frosted Prince, my Christmas 2017 adventure published on December 11th that year. Each year I try to release a winter adventure, just as I do with Halloween. These things always sell pretty well in their first monthContinue reading “Deconstructing Dungeons – The Frosted Prince”

Deconstructing Dungeons – The Beast of ShadowGate

Welcome one and all to Deconstructing Dungeons! In this article series I take a look back at my old adventures, tear them to pieces, and attempt to salvage what I can from the wreckage. My hope is that by doing this other creator’s get some helpful advice about adventure construction and I myself can improveContinue reading “Deconstructing Dungeons – The Beast of ShadowGate”

Deconstructing Dungeons – Terra Incognita

This week in Deconstructing Dungeons I’m taking a look at one of my favourite adventures; Terra Incognita. Unfortunately, it’s also one of my worst. I’ll discuss this at length later on. For those that don’t know, Deconstructing Dungeons is an article series in which I take a look back at my published works and reviewContinue reading “Deconstructing Dungeons – Terra Incognita”

Deconstructing Dungeons – Shattered Souls

Hello and welcome back to Deconstructing Dungeons! If you’re new to this article series, it’s essentially me reviewing my own products, realising all the flaws and making me want to rewrite them! Sometimes I manage to find a few good things to say about them though. I also talk a little about some of theContinue reading “Deconstructing Dungeons – Shattered Souls”

Industry Interview – P.B. Publishing

Hello and welcome back to Industry Interviews! This week we’re having a chat with Phil Beckwith of P.B. Publishing, one of the DMsGuild’s best known authors! We chat about his most famous adventure The Haunt and his unusual sources of inspiration! Phil Beckwith of P.B. Publishing is the author of the platinum best-seller adventure The HauntContinue reading “Industry Interview – P.B. Publishing”

Deconstructing Dungeons – Serpent Isle

We’re back in full swing now with the blog, three posts last week including the new Industry Interview article series, more of those coming up in the future. This week in Deconstructing Dungeons we’re going to take a look at Serpent Isle, my first (and only) full campaign on the DMsGuild. The adventure runs from 1st toContinue reading “Deconstructing Dungeons – Serpent Isle”

Deconstructing Dungeons – Seeds of Chaos

Hello everyone! I just want to start of by saying sorry for the long break! It’s summer holiday time for me here in the UK so I’ve been home to visit my parents and to a friends wedding in Alabama, USA. First time in the states and it was quite an education! Anyway, regular bloggingContinue reading “Deconstructing Dungeons – Seeds of Chaos”

Deconstructing Dungeons – Sanguine Sacrament

Deconstructing Dungeons is an article series in which I take a look back at old adventures I published on the DMsGuild, and talk about what I did right, and what I did wrong. I’ll give a short summary of the adventure, and discuss its themes, as well as the resources I used to create it.Continue reading “Deconstructing Dungeons – Sanguine Sacrament”