Industry Interview – Alex Clippinger

Alex Clippinger has burst onto the DMsGuild scene like a purple worm through a mine shaft wall! He’s best known for his collaborative projects; Faiths of the Forgotten Realms & The Faithful of Eberron. Alex has also written some great adventures, like Jungle Politics, and off the wall supplements like Go For The Eyes! AlexContinue reading “Industry Interview – Alex Clippinger”

Industry Interview – Chris Bissette

Welcome to this week’s Industry Interview. Each week I take some time with someone from the RPG industry and get a look into their newest work, the things they’re passionate about, and we try to come up with some new advice for people trying to break into the scene. Chris Bissette is the mind behindContinue reading “Industry Interview – Chris Bissette”

Industry Interview – Ashley Warren

We’re back to interviews this week, and we’re reopening with a HUGE guest; Ashley Warren! I have another few interviews cued up with some amazing people, but if you have any ideas for other people you’d like to hear from, just let me know in the comments or through social media. Ashley Warren is aContinue reading “Industry Interview – Ashley Warren”

Industry Interview – Rob Twohy

Rob Twohy is the DMsGuild king of Fantasy Grounds. If you have a module that you want accessible for users of that platform, then Rob Twohy is your guy! Rob has almost one hundred products on the DMsGuild, including conversions, random generators, and expansions to core rules. You can also find Rob on Twitter, Twitch,Continue reading “Industry Interview – Rob Twohy”

Industry Interview – Tony Petrecca

Tony Petrecca is a DMsGuild author responsible for the platinum best-seller Journey Through the Centre of the Underdark and the gold best-seller Killer Kobolds! Tony is a real veteran on the Guild, and knows all there is to know about making encounters deadly, even when using low CR creatures! You can find Tony on FacebookContinue reading “Industry Interview – Tony Petrecca”

Industry Interview – Travis Legge

Travis Legge of Aegis Studios is a DMsGuild/DTRPG publisher, RPG developer and twitch steamer! His notable works include the Contagion RPG series, Dungeons Tales #1 and #2, the DMs Guildhall interview series, and the amazing Yearning to Breathe Free campaign. I’ve had the honour of appearing on the DMs Guildhall, and have worked with TravisContinue reading “Industry Interview – Travis Legge”

Industry Interview – Ken Carcas

We’re back again with another Industry Interview! These articles are proving quite popular so I’m going to make them a weekly feature. Monday will be Deconstructing Dungeons (until I run out), Wednesday will be a general article or review, and Friday will be an Industry Interview! This week we have a chat with one ofContinue reading “Industry Interview – Ken Carcas”

Industry Interview – P.B. Publishing

Hello and welcome back to Industry Interviews! This week we’re having a chat with Phil Beckwith of P.B. Publishing, one of the DMsGuild’s best known authors! We chat about his most famous adventure The Haunt and his unusual sources of inspiration! Phil Beckwith of P.B. Publishing is the author of the platinum best-seller adventure The HauntContinue reading “Industry Interview – P.B. Publishing”

Industry Interview – Jeff C Stevens

I’m trying out a new article series! Industry Interviews is designed to bring you guys the perspectives of people inside the industry, including other bloggers, DMsGuild Authors, podcasters and the like. I’m hoping it will help inspire people to start out doing these things for themselves. We’re opening strong this week with an interview withContinue reading “Industry Interview – Jeff C Stevens”