Review – The Greenfields Adventure Series

This review looks at the Greenfields Adventure Series by Christian Eichhorn and includes adventures such as The Tower Golem and supplements such as Player Stronghold: Tower Golem. Each of the products is in some way linked to the Greenfields area of the Forgotten Realms, giving them all a base from which to start. Most of the adventures are TierContinue reading “Review – The Greenfields Adventure Series”

Review – The Malady Codex: The Guide to Diseases

This is a review of The Malady Codex: The Guide to Diseases by Jason Bakos & Themis Paraskevas. In this instance, the title says it all! This product, which was published on October 27 2018, is a guide to using diseases in a more narrative way in your campaign. It also presents a range of new diseases which canContinue reading “Review – The Malady Codex: The Guide to Diseases”

Review – The Priest, The Witch, & The Lost Temple

It’s review time! Feels like it’s been a while because I’ve been releasing adventures (The Wizard of Zo, Grimm Encounters II etc.) but I’m back! Going forward these reviews might be shorter and more sporadic because I really need to finish my Masters degree! This week we’re taking a look at The Priest, The Witch, & TheContinue reading “Review – The Priest, The Witch, & The Lost Temple”

Review – Captains & Cannons

It’s time for another review! This week we’re taking a look at Captains & Cannons by Drifters Game Workshop. This product presents us with a way to run naval combat in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, using material from the Dungeon Master’s Guide. They aim to streamline naval combat whilst keeping it realistic, and in accordance with the existingContinue reading “Review – Captains & Cannons”

Review – Sharn III, City of Monsters

I’m back! You may have noticed that for most of last week I didn’t blog at all. I got pretty ill toward the end of the week before, and was trying to shake it off before getting back into writing again. I have to fit blogging around my 9-5, my own writing, and any freelanceContinue reading “Review – Sharn III, City of Monsters”

Review – The Carceri Bestiary

Welcome back to the weekly review! Today we’re taking a look at The Carceri Bestiary by The Grumbleputty! This product is essentially a monster manual for the plane of Carceri, one of the outer planes in the in the Great Wheel Cosmology of the Forgotten Realms. The supplement contains lore and statblocks for a whole host of the nativeContinue reading “Review – The Carceri Bestiary”

Review – Sharn II, Council of Roaches

Hello and welcome to this week’s review! Today we’re taking a look at Sharn II, Council of Roaches by Elven Tower. This is the sequel adventure to Sharn – The Missing Schema which I reviewed a few weeks ago. I gave that adventure a 4/5 stars. It stood out for its amazing production quality, but was let down aContinue reading “Review – Sharn II, Council of Roaches”

Review – Claws of Fury

It’s time for the Wednesday Review! Today I’m taking a look at Claws of Fury written by Al Spader, and published on DMsGuild by the Mount Ogden Gaming Company. Claws of Fury is part of the Tales of the Moonsea series for D&D Adventurer’s League (CCC-ALMOG-03 TALES03-01) and is currently a copper best-seller. The adventure is selling for $4.99 and hasContinue reading “Review – Claws of Fury”

Review – Myriad, City of Tiers

Welcome to the Wednesday Review! This week I’m taking a look at Myriad, City of Tiers by Alan Tucker. This product is a huge 58 pages of content set in and around Myriad, and city of Alan’s own creation which could be set in the Forgotten Realms, Eberron or your own homebrew world. Myriad is a city that is entirelyContinue reading “Review – Myriad, City of Tiers”

Review – Dream Walkers

Welcome back to my Wednesday review! This week I’m going to delve into Dream Walkers by Guild Adept Alan Patrick, produced by the Mount Ogden Gaming Company. Dream Walkers is part 3 of the Dreamers storyline for Adventurer’s League (CCC-MIND01-03) and is currently (September 2018) a silver best-seller. The adventure only has 2 ratings at the moment, giving it 3 stars. TheContinue reading “Review – Dream Walkers”