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Escape from Undergarden

A tier 2 adventure compatible with 5th edition, created by JVC Parry with Benoit de Bernardy. Explore the enchanted forest of Undergarden in the search for a missing huntress, who was last seen in the town of Therral, which is overrun by hunters.

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Lord of Chains

A MÖRK BORG nightmare, written by JVC Parry with the band Wormwitch. When the midnight sun rises over Tveland, the characters are ordered by the Shadow King to find the Benighted Blade and kill the Lord of Chains who has summoned it.

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Isle of the Dreaded Accursed

A tier 2 adventure compatible with 5th edition, created by JVC Parry and Mr.Tarrasque. The characters set out on a quest to calm the angered sea goddess Elvirath, after she desecrates her own temple after discovering treachery within the clergy.

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The best third-party campaign ever published. A must-buy for every DM!

Marco G. F.

As everyone else says, this module is unbeatably good; in terms of story and structure, it's a great deal better than any official story modules from Wizards.

Rob T.

This is a must buy, its as good as any main release book if not better,

Aaron F.