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Monsters of the Guild

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Monsters of the Guild is a DMs Guild community driven project which includes 100+ incredible monsters for your Dungeons & Dragons 5e game, from 40+ of the Guild's most talented and exciting monster creators. 

This product is availble as a PDF, Hardback Book and Fantasy Grounds Module (FG module sold separately - click here)

(Note: Please read all of the text here (yes, even right to the bottom) as there is some important news about your purchase.)

FEATURED FOREWORD by Chris Lindsay (WotC)
Humble Bard Among Wizards and Proud Guildmaster 

"It is extremely humbling to see just how many folks are excited to participate in this creative community, and to watch them come together within that community and assemble such products of wonder and imagination is magni cent to behold. Herein are the labors of 40+ creators who’ve come together to provide a plethora of new creatures for your D&D game. I don’t know about you, but as a Dungeon Master, I never seem to have enough monsters to choose from. I personally look forward to jamming as many of these new creatures as I can possibly manage, into my personal D&D games."


Lead Designers: Glen Cooper, Joshua Parry, Phil Beckwith.

Fantasy Grounds: Rob Twohy.

Monster Creators (click to find more of their exciting work): Alex Clippinger, Andrew Cawood, Andrew Clissold, Andrew Morley, Beatriz Dias, S. G. Tillings, Benoit de Bernardy, Chris Bissette, Christian Eichhorn, Cindy Moore, Cody Ashby, Dave Coulson, David Adams, David Morris, Elven Tower, Emmet Byrne, Florian Emmerich, Gary Bates, Glen Cooper, Guy Sclanders (@HowToGM), James Baxter, James Introcaso, Janek Sielicki, Jeff C Stevens, Jeremy Forbing, John Huser, Joseph Avery, Justin Handlin (@CritAcademy), JVC Parry, Kelsey Dionne, Ken Carcas, Krishnasaamy Sankar, Luke Monroe, Marc Altfuldisch, Molly Meadows, Olly Gibson, Phil Beckwith, R P Davis, Richard Malena- Webber, Richie Root, Rob Twohy, Robert Adducci, Scott Bean, Shawn Merwin, Tim Bannock, Tony Petrecca, Travis Legge, & Wolfgang Baur.

Cover Artist: Neil Jary (@kirisute)

Internal Artists: Neil Jary, Bryony-Mae Hopkins, Calum Bray, Glen Cooper, Jerry Boucher & Luke Instone-Hall & NeuroToxin.

Please follows us on Twitter @MonstersofGuild for news, and to get in contact with any of your favourite creators from this product. 


1. If you wish to sample some of the work in this incredible product and donate a few dollars to the charity, Doctors Without Borders - then we invite you to check out and download Monsters Without Borders.

2. Please view your beautiful PDF via Adobe Acrobat Reader, as there have been found to be some clashes and oddities with other viewers (Mac viewer especially). Do not worry, it won't affect your stunning hard-copies.